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May 5, 2024

Hi Canby Alliance Family, 

Hope you are ready for some nicer weather!  I sure am.   My plants (yes, I planted things a little too early) look at me pleadingly to give them warmth!  “Patience is a virtue,” I tell them.  However, I am not sure that they understand human talk!  The good news is that it is going to get warm later this week!

I wanted to spend today’s newsletter letting you know how much I love and appreciate my church family as I give you the update on our Willamette Valley Big Band Concert.

For those of you who need some background information, Willamette Valley Big Band contacted us about using our facility for their Spring concerts so we had the concert on 5/2/2024.  It was a God-ordained opportunity to serve and love our community and allow us to build bridges to our community.  We invited band students to attend the concert through their band teachers.  We went around our neighbors along the perimeter of the church to let them know out of courtesy that we were having the concert and hoped the traffic would not be too bad.  We also told them if they liked big band music to feel welcomed to attend the concert and a few of them did!  We wanted to provide the attendees with cookies and lemonade which was greatly appreciated by everyone! 

What was really neat was this concert folded in perfectly with our Critical Gospel Impact:
a.    The Critical Gospel Impact of CAC is...our unique building facility…for youth and community opportunities…to share the love of Christ.
b.    The Critical Gospel Impact of CAC is...equipping our youth outreach for improving mental health to see lives transformed by Jesus.
c.    The Critical Gospel Impact of CAC is...our facility...for the continued work of the great commission, reaching youths and the community and to  provide a place for other ministries and groups as are allowed.

So, what happened?  Did this event give us the opportunity to intersect more with our community?  Was it an opportunity to love visitors who came to the church for this non-church community event?  Did we make a difference?  

You decide...
●    We had 224 people in the sanctuary and that was not counting the amount of people (my church family, that is you!) in the great hall greeting our visitors, arranging cookies, pouring juice and just loving and interacting with the crowds. 
●    Every time I turned around, I saw our church member volunteers interacting and laughing with our guests.   It was amazing to see this!
●    I heard so many comments from band members and attendees about how wonderful our facility is for their concert.
●    I heard people saying that the acoustics in the sanctuary were amazing.
●    I heard people saying how impressed they were at the number of volunteers we had greeting and attending the concert, serving juice and cookies to the guests.
●    Multiple community members said they felt honored that a church would do something like this for their community.
●    I met a contingency of younger adults who came because they wanted to support their  friend, Nate, who was playing the trumpet. 
●    I heard of so many connections between band members, attendees and our volunteers!
●    The director and leader of WVBB was thankful for how we embraced their group and provided above and beyond and both want to come back for future concerts!
●    I saw our more matured guests keeping beat with the music they grew up with and I marveled at how we honored these mature guests!
●    I saw a Marquis Hope Village bus with a large group of the assisted living residents coming in to enjoy a special outing and I saw several of our men assisting them to and into the elevators to get in the sanctuary with their wheelchairs or walkers.  

Loving God through loving our community!  

I don’t know how to thank all of you volunteers and the large number of you who were praying for this event!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You were the hands and feet and voices of Jesus to those who attended the concert!

Finally, on a different note, we had our last PEAK meeting to help clarify what we are wanting/needing for Pastor Next and tomorrow the Pastor Search Committee will be meeting to write up the Pastor Profile, Church Profile and Community Profiles so we can hopefully post the position soon!  I will write another Elder Newsletter (5.2) after our meeting to give you an update. Please keep this meeting in your prayers!

Thank you again Canby Alliance Church family for loving one another and loving our community in some very concrete ways. I pray that this will make a difference in their lives.   

I am expectantly waiting upon the Lord to unfold what he has for CAC in the future!

Your faithful servants,

Mel Yamase

Cell 503-201-3268

Home 503-266-4441

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Marlin Myers


Jeff Reister


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