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Hello CAC, I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather! Personally, I like it a bit cooler but I think my plants prefer the hotter weather. This morning I was listening to a song, Spirit Lead Me, that really ministered to me. It is a very powerful song. I’m so used to taking care of everything in my way and being in control (it’s a doctor thing) but God is calling me to rely on Him, through his Holy Spirit and let Him lead. WOW! What an important lesson during this time. I don’t know if we’ve ever sang this song in church but perhaps we should!

This is my worship, this is my offering 

In every moment, I withhold nothing 

I’m learning to trust you, even when I can’t see it 

And even in suffering, I have to believe it. 

If you say, “It’s wrong,” then I’ll say, “No” 

If you say, “Release,” I’m letting go 

In you’re in it with me, I’ll begin 

And when you say to jump, I’m diving in. 

If you say, “Be still,” then I will wait 

If you say to trust, I will obey 

I don’t wanna follow my own ways 

I’m done chasing feelings, Spirit lead me. 

I would encourage you to look up this song and listen to it at 3 AM when the house is dark and quiet. It will change you! By the way, I am only (partially) kidding about the 3 AM time! 

PEAK UPDATE (Preparing to Expect the Advancement of the Kingdom) 

Our PEAK survey is now available to do. We would encourage you to complete the survey. It will take about 30-45 minutes. It would be best if you can do it online but if you are not able to do it electronically, we will have paper copies available at church. These surveys will have to be entered (by the elders) in order for the data to be in the system. Once again, we need to have at least 30% completion rate for the process to be statistically significant so please participate! Click HERE to access the Canby Alliance PEAK Profile Survey. 


Interim Pastor Ministry (IPM) is a group that helps churches in transition to find an Interim Pastor. The IP that work for IPM have a minimum of 15 yrs or ministry experience (most have a lot more) and many have advanced masters or doctorate degrees. They are specially trained for these times of transition to help churches find a pastor but they cannot be a potential candidate. These pastors have many years of experience with working with churches to find new senior pastors so they really know what they are doing. They have also worked with our (C&MA) PEAK process which is very important to us.

There are 3 kinds of pastors IPM provide (functionally speaking): (1) TRADITIONAL (15-20%, < 10 months): they come in to just be an interim pastor and provide preaching and leading during the time of not having a senior pastor; (2) INTENTIONAL (60-75%, 10-18 months): these churches have specific issues that need to deal with in the process of finding a new senior pastor. They work with the PEAK process to help determine what kind of senior pastor the church needs; (3) INTERVENTIONIST (5%, >18 months): These churches have major issues and dysfunction that need to be addressed before a senior pastor can even be considered. We looking for a blend of (1) and (2) and we are looking for someone who does not want a 100% full time position. Fortunately, our PEAK process does a lot of what an Intentional IP does so we did not feel a 100% full time position was necessary. 

The compensation for an IP is based on the total compensation package of our previous full time senior pastor and this would include relocation costs and lodging costs for the IP during the time he is here. 

The elders had to fill out a lengthy intake form for IPM and out of that IPM finds us a potential candidate who fits our needs based on the intake form. 

Here is the GREAT NEWS! IPM was able to locate a potential candidate who is in our general area (so we don’t have to pay any relocation fees and have to find lodging) and has the experience of being an IP for several churches which led to the successful selection of a senior pastor for each of these churches. He is also wanting at most 80% full time position. The elders and administrative board are in the process of interviewing this candidate. We already had our initial meeting this week and we have a second meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5/23/2023. Please be in prayer for this. 

The name of our candidate is Dr. Dennis Beatty. We have also scheduled for Dr Beatty to preach at our 6/18/2023 service.


I think the entire process of finding an interim pastor, starting the PEAK process, determining what kind of senior pastor we need and then searching for a new senior pastor is a big part of why this song, Spirit Lead Me, struck me this morning. We don’t want to make decisions exclusively based on our abilities and our strengths. We want to have the leading of the Holy Spirit. That is not to say that we don’t use our minds and hearts in the process but we have to learn to submit our minds/abilities and hearts to God as we make decisions. 


One thing I am thankful for, this entire process is going to draw us closer to God and help us to have a healthier and more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. What a wonderful win-win situation! Please keep praying for all involved! 


Thank you again for allowing us to serve you and serve God in this manner. Pray that God will protect all of us during this time of transition.

Mel Yamase

Cell 503-201-3268

Home 503-266-4441

Jim Trigg


Marlin Myers


Jeff Reister


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