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Children's Ministry

Learning together and responding to God.

We welcome families!

On Sunday mornings, our greeter is ready near the check in desk when kids arrive for the service. 
Walkers to 3rd grade can check in and get their name tag before service or whenever they come to class.

Embers class for walkers to age 4 begins at the same time as the service.
Sparks class for age 4 to 3rd grade begins when kids are invited to the back of the sanctuary after worship in the service begins.

For kids who might stay in the service, worship boxes are on a shelf in the sanctuary with simple materials for wiggly fingers. 
For littlest ones and their adults who need privacy we have a Family Corner room in the sanctuary. 
For more active littles not quite ready for class, the service audio can be heard in our Family room which also has our changing area, privacy screen and toys for 1-2 year olds.

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"Love God with your heart, soul and strength. Impress His ways on your minds and your children’s. Discuss them morning and evening, at home and on the road.” Deut 6:5-7

Rachel Keen
Children's Ministry Director
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