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Created in Christ
for Confidence
and Community

Theatre is a tool we use to communicate the God-given value of each individual.
Students and leaders develop theatre skills, community and faith together and present their progress in the final day performance for family and friends.

Each child experiences being known, valued and able to create.


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CREATE theater camp is a week long half day camp for 3rd - 6th graders.

 Daily activities include:

  • Practicing storytelling skills through games and a work-in-progress performance

  • Sharing the truth of God through a short bible story.  

  • Choosing one thing to add to create a costume or backdrop  

Each child is encouraged to, "Grow one step in faith, relationships and/or skill.

We ask, "What one thing can we add?" 
Our last day performance we show all the ''one more things"
we've gained together.​

What are the key values of this camp?

We desire for each participant to grow their relationship to God.


We want each person to know that they are created by God and to share their worth.  They are valued because they are, rather than what they do.  All abilities and skill levels are welcomed. 


We model and foster community building through relationships.  Each individual is stronger in community than they are alone.

What does a morning of camp look like?

We desire for each participant to grow their relationship to God.

We encourage each student to make progress on their skills and the group to make progress on their performance story.  We look for what one step a student can take, or what one thing can we add to enhance. 




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