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Regional Outreach

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most “unchurched” areas of the United States. Even though a large percentage of people in the Pacific Northwest are not involved in church, many consider themselves ‘spiritual’ and are open to spiritual matters. This provides a great opportunity to spread the love of Jesus within our region by our words and deeds.

We are seeking to advance God's kingdom locally in the following ways:
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Youth Mission Trips

Our youth ministry organizes trips to small towns in our region to build relationships with the local community and other students through service projects by which they share the love of God. On their most recent trip they completed the "Three Cities" Mission Trip during which they traveled to and served in Eugene, Corvallis and Salem, Oregon.


Cru at Oregon State University

Our church has supported Justin & Jessie Oster of Cru in their ministry to college students for over ten years. They are the team leaders for Cru at Oregon State University.


Salem for Refugees

This past year we started supporting Salem for Refugees, a network of resettlement agencies, faith communities, businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and community members who want to see all refugees in Salem (our new neighbors) as valued, thriving, contributing members of our community. They bring together people and resources together to empower refugees to thrive in Salem, Oregon.

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