Canby Alliance Youth Report
Pastor Nick Charbonnier

2020 was a hard year and we all know it. No one is a stranger to the pains and frustrations of COVID, the election, the fires, the shutdowns, freezes, guidelines, struggling business and financial hardships. Because everyone is aware of all of this already, I will focus this report on the positives that happened in youth ministry at Canby Alliance.

  • Youth group was meeting consistently in person until the middle of March

  • Starting in April, Alliance Youth Leaders began a weekly VLOG showcasing student participation in the form of scripture reading, funny skits, bible teaching, devotionals, prizes and shoutouts. Student participation was high each week, and students were being reached and engaged with. The VLOG ran for 10 weeks.

  • In the summer, youth leadership and all structured programs took a break (like usual). Leaders focused on connecting with kids who they personally knew already and prepared for the fall.

  • In June, Canby Alliance gained a donor from out of town that believed in the purpose and mission of Canby Alliance Youth ministry, and pledged to help support the program. They have been giving continuously since then.

  • In September, Canby Alliance Youth and Canby YoungLife partnered together to meet for youth group in the gym, while following all COVID state guidelines. There were (safe) games, a talk, and a time for adults to foster relationships with students.

  • After the freeze in mid-November, Canby Alliance Youth and Canby YoungLife once again joined forces and created a digital talk-show called The Morning Drip. This talk show is geared toward youth and members of the community and features student leadership discussing popular topics, giveaways, followed by a devotion at the end.


As it stands now, Canby Alliance youth is working to rebuild a program within the church where students can freely come and participate. We are continuing to walk with students individually and safely, and maintaining relationships with kids in our community. Our goal in 2021 is to establish new relationships between adults and students that are lasting, and that point each student to Jesus. Thank you for your prayers and support and love that you provide for this ministry.


In Christ alone,

The Canby Alliance Youth Ministry Team