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Worship Ministries Report
John and Kelley VanAcker

First we would like to acknowledge each and every team member for their service through this past year (no particular order): Sara, Joe and Jess Minson, Chris Redelfs, Cadence Moore, Don Perman, Carrie and Andy Carlson, Becky Stager, Chris and Josh Payne, Toby Winningham, Dan Knopp, Roy Hansen, Greg VanAcker, Craig Ostbo.

The year 2022 was again one of challenges and change as we moved through the third year of Covid.  Our tech team continued to grow and evolve as we worked to combine live streaming more efficiently and in person worship.  It’s been so WONDERFUL to see the steady return of people to in person worship.  Special thanks to Joshua Stager for leading this component of worship and the tech team:  Josh Payne, Jess Minson, Joe Minson, Tommy Tallan, Chris Redelfs, Andy Carlson and Josiah Keen.  Their behind the scenes work is greatly appreciated.

As we move into 2023 we again pray:

Heavenly Father, Grant us wisdom from Your truths, fill us with a desire to faithfully follow after You more than any other thing. Thank You that You are far greater than anything we face today. Thank You that Your presence goes with us and that Your joy is never dependent on circumstances, but it is our true and lasting strength. We ask for Your peace to lead us and for Your grace and goodness to cover us. Let Your Spirit and power breathe in us and through us as we enter this new year.


We ask this all to Your glory and honor in the most precious name of Jesus.


John Van Acker

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