Tim Talks

A message from Pastor Tim:

I am going to give a Tim Talk once a month starting on November 19th at 7pm over Zoom. Each Tim Talk will introduce a time-honored practice that thousands of Christ-followers have used in their pursuit of becoming like Jesus.


For each talk I will send you a short document that introduces you to the spiritual practice for that month. For ninety minutes we’ll go back and forth between teaching and discussion. Then I’ll send you away with some practical steps to turn what we talked about into practice. 


On January 21 our topic will be Silent Prayer.  We often pray when it is silent outside of us, but there are great spiritual opportunities when we learn to be silent on the inside!


If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll send you the resources and the Zoom link to this month's Tim Talk.


I’m excited about my Tim Talks and I hope they catch on with a bunch of you! See you January 21st!