• Rachel Keen

Update April 7, 2020

Dear Families, Volunteers and Prayer Partners,

Please be praying for our kiddos and their families at this time.


I am hosting a zoom meeting for our kiddos and Sunday School teachers tomorrow night, Wednesday April 8, 7-7:30. We'll be able to "see" each other for a moment and think about Jesus calming the storm together. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/522506647


My home lesson option for Easter is the attached recipe. This is designed to begin Saturday night and finish Sunday morning.

Easter is significant for believers in Jesus Christ because we remember that He died and is now alive! If he didn't raise from the dead our whole system of belief is foolish. He did and He lives today and this is very worthy of celebration!

As typical Easter celebrations are hindered, consider what is crucial to remember Jesus resurrection. Mourn for our isolation and remember that sin isolates us from God. This short blog post from Elizabeth Urbanowicz encourages us to seize this moment.

Hallelujah that Jesus is our reconciler!