• Rachel Keen

Update April 2, 2020

CAC Children and Families!

I am praying for all of you. Praying right now as I type for your relationship with Jesus, with your family and friends, for school, for work, for your households. For your continual need to adjust to what is happening now.

Last week I encouraged noticing and sharing Jesus with your kids at every opportunity. This week I encourage listening. Listen to your kids thoughts, feelings, and their understanding and experience of God. Listen to understand and appreciate more than you listen to correct. Personally, I feel rushed often, and need a reminder to slow down and hear.

Attached are some Home Sunday School activities that could help your whole family process and learn from the bible lesson this week.

Mark 4: 35-41 Jesus calms the storm

Zoom Children's meeting! Have your children plan to meet with other children from CAC on Zoom! 7-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday! We'll do a little craft together, talk about this week's story and breakout into age groups to share a little more. A computer works best, but a smartphone works, too. Here's the link for that: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/522506647


Lastly, I'd love to share a glimpse of your kiddos with our whole congregation. Would you be willing to film on your phone your kiddos saying "hello!" or Hi! or a greeting and waving? You can email it or text it if that is easier for you. Maybe that is something that you can do this weekend? I would like to share it on Easter.

"I see a generation

Rising up to take their place

With selfless faith, with selfless faith"

Lyrics from Hosanna, Hillsong Worship

Rachel Keen

Director of Children’s Ministry