• Rachel Keen

Sunday school Lesson March 29, 2020

General note from Rachel

Why do a lesson at home? I recently read something from Christine Caine, an evangelist from Australia. She says that we need to understand “Christianity as a comprehensive way to understand reality.” Kids who know this are less likely to walk away from faith in Jesus.

Resources are available like crazy right now. Everyone and their brother or sister or both are posting free resources to use. The advertisements are prolific on Facebook for even the online schools that you can’t use now because their registration is closed. I am not going to send you yet another list of those possible resources, but as ones really stand out to me I will highlight them for you.

I am praying grace and peace over your families right now. In my household my routine is all messed up. The kids are home all the time, but not as helpful as I keep hoping they will be, not as excited about writing assignments or my attempts to make chores fun. Fun things that we usually do are limited. Whatever you are experiencing right now you aren’t alone. I trust that you will have moments like when our dog runs to Selah on our walk and her completely grim face lights up and so does my mood. Watch for those moments to happen and recognize God in them.

Introduction (for parents/leaders)

In this lesson, we see that when people in need called out to Jesus, He listened. The persistence of the asker seems to be important. The truth here is that God listens, can heal, and that He cares for us.


Coloring page: Here is one option for this story. Or check online for “bartimaeus coloring.”

Questions for this page:

  • What do you think Bartimaeus is doing?

  • What do the other people think about what he is doing?

  • Toward the end of the lesson ask, “How would Jesus look if He was in this picture?”

Crafty activity

If you are more crafty, you could create a mosaic as a family or each child can do one on their own. Use materials with different textures. Sandpaper, wax paper, cotton balls, fabric scraps, etc. This could be freeform, or you could fill in an image like the one I’ve included, Jesus heals Bartimaeus.

Questions for this activity:

How does it feel if you close your eyes and touch it?

What might it be like to be blind and not be able to see?

Intro to lesson

What are some reasons that you ask other people for help? What things might you ask someone to do? What things might you need?

My children yell more loudly especially when they are in bed and mama hasn’t heard them the first time. How they ask for me is different if they just want a drink of water than if they wake up with a nightmare. Either way, these are times when they are persistent in asking for what they want or need. Can you think of examples of being persistent to ask for what you want or need?

Read The Word

Read Matthew 20:29-34 and/or Luke 18:35-43 aloud together.

Ask some wondering questions. For example:

I wonder what it is like to be blind?

I wonder if the men sat in the same place every day?

What might people do as they saw them?

I wonder what they said as people went by?

The bible says that they cried out more loudly when they weren’t heard. I wonder what you might say again more loudly. What would you say if Jesus asked you, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Main truth

Jesus heard Bartimaeus and he hears us.

Jesus healed Bartimaeus and he can heal us.

We can ask Jesus for what we want or need.

Practice it

As you ask the questions above and consider the main truth, you can respond out loud, or write your thoughts down or draw a picture about it. You can think in your head of what you would say to Jesus, “What do you want me to do for you?”


Take time to pray together. Ask everyone what they would want to ask God for.

As you conclude, take a minute or a few to pray. Some things that you might ask Jesus you would rather keep to yourself right now, but others you may feel comfortable to pray out loud.

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