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Sunday school Lesson April 5, 2020

The bible story and sermon for April 5 is from Mark 4:35-41 about Jesus calming the sea in the storm. The story is also about the disciples and their feelings in the storm.

Consider making it possible for your kids to be present and listen to the sermons. In your home is a unique opportunity for them to do an activity with their hands and perhaps even their bodies while their ears and minds are engaged. They hear and learn so much more than we notice sometimes!

This week my encouragement to you is to listen to your kiddos and their thoughts and feelings. Listen to hear their experience of God and what their knowledge and understanding is. Listen more than you talk. (preaching to myself here.)

This week I am sending you some activities and some talking points to engage and connect their hearts and minds critically. Perhaps one of these works for you or use all of them! Or do something different. Use some time Sunday afternoon, or even later this week.

Some ideas taken from www.ilivebig.com

We are in an Unsinkable Boat

Supplies: dishpan or cake pan or shallow baking dish, water, paper towels, cork bottle stoppers, card stock, scissors, single-sided razor blade or craft knife.

Prepare in Advance:

  • Cut a slit in each cork from the top to the center, about halfway into the cork.

  • Cut the card stock into one-inch squares, then cut each square in half diagonally to

make triangles.

  • Insert the triangle into the slot in the cork, creating a sail (paper

triangle) on the boat (cork).

  • Fill the dishpan with water.

  • Sail boats in the water and see if they can sink the boats.

The disciples did not know it but they, too, were in an unsinkable boat. Their boat was not made out of cork, but their boat carried Jesus, who had power over the wind and the waves.

Give our Fears to Jesus

Supplies: writing utensil, paper, container labeled “Jesus.” A box, jar, tupperware, etc.

Think about some things of which you are afraid. Write or draw one thing that scares you. Sing a song together, ideally one that reminds you that Jesus cares for us and takes care OF us. Fold your paper and place it in a box or jar or some container. We are giving our fears to Jesus. End this time with a prayer, for example: “Jesus, we give our fears to you. Thank you that you are always with us and you are all powerful.”

Calming for when we are afraid

Supplies: small pieces of paper, pencils, basket

Everyone gets afraid of something sometime. Each of us may have different fears. Fears cause us to be uncomfortable. We believe that God is with us, even when we’re afraid, and we can trust God to comfort us when we are afraid. In our Bible story today, the disciples are

afraid because of their circumstances, but Jesus is there to calm their fears. This is a game to help us think about what calms us when we are afraid.

  • Using the small pieces of paper, write something calming that you could do when you are afraid.

  • Put all the pieces of paper in a basket.

  • Take turns drawing a piece of paper and acting out what it says. Everyone else guesses.

  • Optional: at the end of the game, save the pieces of paper to remind you. Could be glued to full sheet of paper or thumbtacked to a bulletin board, etc.

Calm the Storm Acrostic Poem

Supplies: Paper, writing utensil

Create an Acrostic Poem using the words “Calm the storm.”

What are some words that begin with these letters that also help you to feel calm or remind you that Jesus is with you when you might not feel calm? Each person may find completely different words. Perhaps a dictionary will help. Share your poems when you are done. Keep this to remember later that Jesus has power over the storm and He can help you to be calm.













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