CAC People's Report

Thea Cutsforth - We felt God's hand at work when creating a home school group this year.  In a very dark and scary time we surrendered to God, trusting Him to lead the way.  He brought a group of Christian families together, led us to a Christian homeschool curriculum and delivered a loving Christian teacher.  His love for us is undeniable. 


Earl Reeder - Covid has been a honeymoon fo Carol and I.  We have grown closer and enjoy each other more.


Mike Brown - My employers continued to keep me employed even though our business was almost non-existent for 7 months!


Nancy Chinn - During 2020 both of our business' have continued. Steve's company was able to keep everyone employed without a break. Thanks be to God.


Susan Buck - God has been faithful to our family in 2020: Susan’s 85-year-old mother was able to get medical treatment and came through surgery and recovery well—no cancer, no Covid; farming was able to continue throughout the pandemic; we were able to safely shelter at home; we were able to pay off our home; we are able to provide a place for three of our adult children to work from (our) home


Shelley McNabb - He brought me so closer to Him.


Gretchen Gingerich - No way to put a 2020 report in 2 sentences. More like a haiku...

God's provision, long-seeing, lovingly-crafted, full of grace and gentle discipline. Treasured year; God reigns supreme.


Carol Stanfield - God has been so faithful to me in sooo many ways ..good health both mentally and physically and emotionally!!  Wow!  What more could He do to me!!!  God is great and always faithful!!!  🙏


Jenny Gellinger - We’ve found wonderful new ways to relate to family — regular, safe gatherings; Prayed more for the needs of our family, friends and country.


Tim Gilmer - Thanks be to God for his keeping our church safe and functioning during these very difficult times, especially for the online services that carried his Word to those of us who must stay home to be safe.


Ken & Jackie Thornton - We have had many days that have not been good. However, we have found good in everyday because of Jesus; In the midst of a loneliness, God has given purpose beyond ourselves, beyond family. Thankful for every day.  


Rachel Keen - God shows me beauty in people's kindness to each other, or beauty in creation, or in the animal world.  Little things like spider webs covered with dew show me that God exists.   That He is beautiful and creative. That I am important enough that He would make this for me.


Ray Keen - God has been faithful to my family this year through his provision of resources, skill, and grace to work together as a family on remodeling our kitchen.  Our family is like the kitchen, a work in process... and when we work together, a thing of great purpose and beauty is formed.  We are thankful!


Apryl Herron - Hi PT...during the last year God has provided strength and healing for our family during the unexpected loss of my Dad. He led us and continues to lead us through a very dark time giving reassurance that’s he’s with us


Caleb Reister - After a year of searching, and despite my unfaithfulness in some areas of my life, God provided me with an entry level engineering position at Intel.


Earl Swigert - The Lord walked our daughter Shannon through her Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment for cancer.  We praise God that she is now Cancer Free!


Georgia Baker - Not a lot of change that is mentally good for me.  I was able to get out of bed every morning, go to work and take care of my family and the farm.


Joanna Crumley - God has been faithful to us by keeping our family healthy, fed, and well-provided for.


Kelsey Cordill - He’s provided for us BIG TIME. He’s kept us healthy and stable in relationships, provided a teacher and a group of families to do school with, he’s blessed our marriage.


Kyle Mellander - God has provided all that we need and has given us clarity that He gives us all we need.  All the additional stuff in our lives is good and we miss it, but God is a part of all that remains and all the new.


Nancy Pickett - A great breakthrough with family members addressing areas of hurt and wrongs...followed by true forgiveness and being set free.

Will Greenleaf - God has kept us safe, blessed us with income, brought reconciliation with family and brought a child home.  


Marjorie Minson - God has been faithful to our family by providing both partners the flexibility to work from home and still make an income.


Lynn Brown - God has been so faithful providing for us, we’ve Kept our jobs through the pandemic, all of our family has remained healthy. God has been with us through all of the uncertainty and unrest, and He has shown me more this year than ever what is truly important and how I am to live.

Taylor & Nick Charbonnier - God was faithful in bringing us Hazel, Taylor was able to decrease hours at work (something that seemed impossible going into maternity leave), we were able to spend so much time together as a family of three, we started reading through the Bible together and have stayed on track, God healed a huge part of our marriage. 


JoAnne & Paul Weber - I know we are not members of CAC but we still feel that it is our home church and you are always there shepherding us to draw closer to Jesus. When I think of this year and having to watch Lauren and Jake bury their child, our precious Micah, I am so thankful and amazed at the outpouring of God’s love through so many to us and to them. So many of you are from CAC who sent cards, flowers, text and were constantly checking on us. The pain will never go away, but thank God for all of you who have walked this journey with us. 


Jeri Boley - When COVID-19 started, I would wake up with a sense of uneasiness and depression.  I found that praying and reading my Bible helped me immensely.  I also found a new eagerness to study God's word.  I have a new trust and closeness.  God continues to give me peace that surpasses all understanding!  

Shirley Hollar - In July 2020, I contracted pericarditis. Due to excess fluid that accumulated around my heart, compromising both heart & lung function, I had a drain surgically implanted. During the 5 days I was in the hospital, my heart went through lots of trauma. I was fully aware that I could die, but God’s constant presence kept me calm. I was cared for by an amazing team of medical professionals, to whom I am deeply indebted. Praise God for both medicine, miracle, & the prayers of many!