Custodial Report
Alan Rudy

With the beginning of 2021 still having the Covid 19 obstacle to deal with, seeing more people physically back in our services and groups using our facility has been so encouraging to me. It is beginning to dare I say feel “normal.” The church is family for so many, and the isolation of the past two years is beginning to heal.

        We have seen children’s events start during the week, bible study, ladies events, TOPS, middle and high school youth groups, and the SDA church that uses our gym facility on Saturday, among other events such as Operation Christmas Child that was much more in person than last year. With our current seating, when we have had several larger memorial service events, I have moved the necessary amount of chairs to the auditorium, and moved back to the reduced seating model, that makes our worship services have the appropriate distance, yet not feeling isolated from others.

        As I have continued to daily keep our building clean, safe and energy efficient, bi-annual HVAC service keeps our many units working properly. Roof maintenance, outside pick-up and maintenance, door and window maintenance, the day to day cleaning, repairs and security is busy as ever being the eyes and ears. My position is never done, which is very enjoyable, and challenging at the same time.

        Back in mid-April, Richard and David from Robert’s lighting spent a week, rebuilding all of the 30+ light fixtures in the auditorium, which I had the pleasure of helping them do the teardown of each fixture and a great learning experience. We now have LED lighting a instead of the old compact fluorescent lighting. The new lighting is much more energy efficient and has a more pleasing light.

        We also had the parking lot resealed and striped which makes such an appealing look to our very nice facility.

Back right before the Covid 19 shutdown began, I was asked to get a bid to service our Cintas first aid kits that are mounted outside the great hall next to the gym entrance, the gym, downstairs by Rm B05, and upstairs by the workroom. I was unable to get this done in 2020 due to Covid, so back in November 2021, I finished the work and had new supplied kits installed / replaced in all 4 locations for the safety of all.

        I have gathered the bids to replace the flooring in both sets of restrooms on the main floor in the main children’s wing hallway and the gym that are badly needing replacement. I am hopeful to get this work done beginning in January 2022. What was also needed before the new flooring is to re-pipe the HVAC drains that go into a floor drain in the women’s restroom by the kitchen that was a design flaw. Roth Plumbing did the work in November.

        Thank you to all of our supportive board members, friends that are also staff members / co-workers and attenders to CAC. You are all very dear to me and I have your back always. I look forward to coming to do my position each day and am passionate about it and why we are all here. May the presence of God Himself, The Lord Jesus Christ be sensed strongly in our facility. He desires to be closer to all of us than we can possibly comprehend.

Thank you.

Alan L. Rudy