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Custodial Report
Alan Rudy

We continue to see more and more groups “in person”. This is the life blood of our building. One of the best returns to our facility this past year is the “classical conversations” home school group that began in September. They were gone 2021-2022 due to covid. I love having them back! It is the largest group to date. They use the entire children’s wing upstairs and downstairs on Monday’s from 8:00-4:30. I appreciate the care and respect they have for our building.

           We also have our other building uses: bible studies, ladies events, TOPS, middle and high school youth groups and the SDA church which uses our gym facility on Saturdays. Oregon State “Cru” used our building in April for a retreat. Operation Christmas Child used our building in November.

           My passion for our building is safety, security, and keeping our facility clean. My position is part time but I try to be available whenever needed. I get much use from the large carpet machine that was purchased several years ago.

           Robert’s Lighting installed security cameras last spring in 8 locations. A monitor was placed in the church office to keep track of entrances and parking. This is a huge improvement for security. We have several neighbors use our parking lot for their cars and trucks during the week. I monitor it for vehicles out of the “norm”.

           In July Nagl Floor Covering replaced the bathroom floors in the main hall of the children’s wing and the gym. I worked along with Nagl to get the job done in a timely manner, pulling and re-installing the toilets and partitions so Nagl flooring could do the work. The new flooring looks great and is so much easier to keep clean.

           In October Pastor Nick and I re-modeled part of the youth space. We moved two large cabinets from one room to another. He has more storage and the other room has more of the living room feel to suit his youth group needs.

           I am so blessed to have an Administrative Board that supports my vision for keeping our facility looking and functioning efficiently. I am thankful for my friends that are also co-workers and attenders at CAC. Coming to work is a joy for and my purpose here is personally meaningful. May the presence of God Himself, The Lord Jesus Christ, be what is felt when people enter our facility.

Thank you.

Alan L. Rudy, Facility Manager / CAC

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