Coronavirus Response & Sunday Service

Dear Canby Alliance Church Family,

These are unprecedented times. Last night our Elders and Administrative Board met in separate meetings over Zoom and discussed our situation. Earlier this week President Trump asked that there be no gatherings of over 10 people for the next two weeks, Governor Kate Brown declared that there be no gatherings of more than 25 people for the next four weeks, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended there be no gatherings of over 25 people for the next eight weeks.

Therefore, we are canceling all CAC events and ministries and shutting down the use of our building to outside groups until further notice. As a further precaution, during the week we plan to keep the door locked to the church. If there is a pressing reason you need to come by the church, please let us know ahead of time.

The challenge before us is clear – How can we be the church and do church when we can no longer meet together? Our desire during this time is to stay connected as much as possible. Our church staff will continue to work hard to lead and shepherd our church through this season. Here are five things we need everyone to know:


1. Sunday services will be online. Every Sunday at 9:30am we will live stream our service over YouTube. Visit our Facebook group or to join our live stream. We encourage you to participate as families and we plan to have something for children in our live stream. We are creating this as we go – we’d love to hear your feedback as to how we’re doing.

2. Resources for spiritual growth. We want to help you grow closer to God during this time –
• Listen to past sermons on our podcast library at our church website
• Download the YouVersion app and choose a Bible reading plan that suits you
• Take advantage of The Bible Project ( videos which are an amazing resource for Bible reading and study
• Follow The Lent Project from Biola University ( during the Lent and Easter seasons
• Read The Pt Daily which you can expect to receive several times a week – a Biblical text, short meditation, and a prayer to help us keep our eyes on God

3. Prayer focus. We want to be people of prayer during this time. Let’s call upon God for his hope, help, and strength. I encourage you to practice 3 by 5 prayer. I presented this in my January 19th message (available on our website podcast library) –

  • 5 minutes in the morning – begin your day with Praise and Thanksgiving; Ask God for the help for the coming day both for you and those closest to you

  • 5 minutes in the middle of the day – this is a good time to pray the Lord’s Prayer and linger on 2 or 3 of its sections

  • 5 minutes in the evening – Review your day, Confess your sins, and Commit yourself to loving, following, and serving God in Jesus

Contact me if you would like our Prayer Team to pray for you and we will find a way to make it happen either in person or electronically.

4. The importance of relationships. The church is people, not a building. Now more than ever we need to practice this. Reach out to one another. Let people know you love them, miss them, and are praying for them. Let’s not forget the most vulnerable among us, especially those who are sick, already shut-in, or our senior citizens. Remember to pray for our children and youth and the huge disruption they are experiencing.

5. Financial implications. First, some of us will experience a financial setback in our personal, job, and/or business finances as a result of this crisis. Through our Benevolent Fund, we want to help as we can so please let us know if you have a need or know of someone who does. Second, this crisis will affect our CAC finances. As you are able, we ask that you continue to give during this time –

  • Mail your check to Canby Alliance Church, 900 N. Juniper St., Canby, 97013

  • Setup an automatic withdrawal or bill pay through your bank which many of you do already

  • Give on EasyTithe through our church website; click on Give in the upper right hand corner and follow the directions

We are deeply thankful to God for the grace of generosity he has given our CAC family and we pray that this grace continues during this crisis.

Peace and calm in Jesus,
Pastor Tim for our CAC leadership