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Report of the
Associate Pastor
Pastor Joshua Stager

As we emerge from lockdowns and enter a new season, CAC is maintaining effective ministries and opening to new opportunities!


Women’s Ministry

        Marilyn Greenleaf led Women’s Ministry again this year with assistance from Crystal Penner. Women’s ministry led several studies in the Spring and fall, thanks to the Bible Study leaders: Carolyn Bagge, Marilyn Greenleaf, Bev Harlan, and Nancy Pickett. Thanks also to everyone who engaged with the Soul Care materials! Fifteen women from CAC attended the Alliance NW District Retreat “Belong,” and Ginny Hartle, Lori Larson, and Marilyn Greenleaf attended “Venture,” the all-day women’s event in September. 
   Outreach efforts included the collection of Christmas presents to 2 moms identified by the Pregnancy Care Center and collection of care items to be taken to the Susu Gospel Ministry in Sierra Leone. Thanks to Marilyn Greenleaf, Crystal Penner, and everyone who contributed!
   Among the numerous events in the past year were the Girl’s Game Night, Painting Party, Family Fun Picnic, and Holiday Tea Party. We also said “hello” to baby Asa Payne with a shower for Kari and “farewell” to Pam Wilson with a tea! The team sent Valentine Prayer cards and gave out Mother’s day roses to all our ladies. Thanks to Crystal Penner, Susan Buck, Coletta Beckner, Susie Gordon, Gretchen Gingerich, Sara Minson, Janiece Gwynn, Lori Yamase, Nancy Pickett, Ellen Ostbo, Marilyn Greenleaf and Heather Barton and others for their help making these wonderful events happen!
   Finally, a special thank-you to Kayla Burke for establishing a play group for Moms of CAC with little ones, and to Lindsey Lessley for her work decorating the Women’s Ministry table this year!


Classes & Bible Studies

       Andy Kauffman has been leading a Bible study on John this year. He began in a zoom format but is now teaching hybrid in-person and zoom!


Production Team

        Thanks to those who answered the call to serve on our Production team and send our service out to “live stream land.” Thanks to Andy Carlson, Josiah Keen, Jess Minson, Joe Minson, Josh Payne, Chris Redelfs, Silas Reister, Tommy Tallan, and Colin Vian. Their immediate willingness and consistent service has kept our live stream running for 150 Sundays!


Missions Team

        In 2022, we sent 2 short-term trips to West Africa. In May, Daniel Reister, Hope Martin, and Tim Barton traveled to Sierra Leone to support the Hospital Project. In October-November, Daniel Reister, Joshua Stager, Jeff Reister, Paul Knopp, Rick Ellis, and Rock Shetler traveled to Sierra Leone to make progress on the Hospital Project and the SGM Agriculture project. Daniel and Joshua continued on to Guinea to connect with the Conakry Youth Team (aXcess) and Guinea Agropastoral Project Team (CAMA) in Dubreka.We welcomed Steve & Lori Albright (CAMA, Dubreka) to CAC in April and Chad Clason (aXcess, Conakry) in October.

            This year, planning is in the works for a visit from Dr. Joseph Sesay in May, a visit from the Anderson and Novy families (CAMA, Dubreka) in June, and a potential short-term trip to Mexico in the summer, and a trip to West Africa in the fall/winter.


Susu Hospital Project Team

        Planning work continues on the Susu Hospital Project led by Dr. Joseph Sesay. With funds contributed by donors and a $40,000 commitment from the CAC General Fund by the Admin Board, the Hospital Team and Susu Gospel Ministry have purchased 4.3 acres of land and funded a Schematic Design of the Hospital. Our trip in the spring provided necessary images for our fundraising materials, and our trip in the fall laid the groundwork for our Memorandum of Understanding and for engineering cooperation between American architects and Sierra Leonean engineers. A few steps remain before we are prepared to begin fundraising, including the development of a complete Memorandum of Understanding between the Hospital Team and Susu Gospel Ministry, completion of the estimating work that has been initiated in Sierra Leone, and completion of a fundraising plan. We are also investigating the value of establishing this project as a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

            Thanks to 100Fold Studios for all the work they have done so far on the project. Thanks to Kabba Sesay for undertaking the cost estimate for the project in Sierra Leone. Thanks to everyone serving on the Hospital Team with me: Tim Barton (the heart of our long-term relationship with Susu Gospel Ministry), Paul Knopp (the champion of this project), Pam Wilson (our expert in international medicine), Rick Ellis (overseeing the financial sustainability of the project), Daniel Reister (willing to contribute in many ways), Jeff Reister (our construction-minded elder with a long relationship with Joseph), Rock Shetler (the engineering go-between translating US architect into SL engineer), Mel Yamase (who is leading the medical considerations of the project), and Ray Keen (our administrative/project/fundraising guru).


Thanks be to Christ, and to all the humans who make this church what it is!


Rev Joshua Stager

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