Women's, Community, Production Ministries
Pastor Joshua Stager

The last year has provided fresh challenges and opportunities, but our community
ministries and production team have done great things this year:

Women’s Ministry

        Under the leadership of Karen Fahsholz and Gretchen Gingerich, Women’s Ministry courageously held the Women’s Tea in March, providing important connection that we didn’t know we would need so much in the coming months. This summer, the team elected Marilyn Greenleaf as president of Women’s Ministry.

        This fall has seen a Women’s Bible Study like no other, featuring teaching videos from almost a dozen women from our church. Lynn Olson led several worship nights. Lori Yamase created several interview videos with missionary women from our church. Marie Champ has created the newsletter “Ladies in Bloom.” Heather Barton has planned a Women’s Prayer Retreat to take place January 2021 with ten participants. In addition, Women’s Ministry held a Gingerbread House decorating competition, a virtual Bingo night, and shared Christmas baskets with scripture meditation calendars to 50 women.

        Much honor is due Marilyn Greenleaf for her passionate, persevering, ministerial heart and strong leadership!

House Churches

CAC entered 2020 with six operating house churches (or small groups), serving 55 people. We enter 2021 with nine house churches serving 74 people. Pastor Tim has begun providing discussion questions with every sermon to serve as a jumping-off point for spiritual conversations. Thanks to our House Church Leaders: Dave Gordon, Marilyn Greenleaf, Jackie Thornton, Kyle Mellander, Ken Baker, Lynne Brown, Kyle Mast, Ray Keen, and Gretchen Gingerich. Please pray that God will continue to provide new and creative opportunities for believers to pursue community at CAC!

Classes & Bible Studies

Liz McCoury and Karen Fahsholz led a class about the Enneagram, Lynn Olson led a class for Young Adults, Emil Khooda led a class on Encountering Mormonism, I led an Emotionally Healthy Relationships class, and Andy Kauffman has been leading a Romans Bible study straight through the whole pandemic! Also, since the fall I have been leading a Bible study for people somewhere around 20 years old. 


Production Team

Thanks to those who answered the call to serve on our Production team and send our service out to “live stream land.” Thanks to Andy Carlson, Marli Kauffman, Josiah Keen, Kyle Lucas, Kyle Mellander, Jess Minson, Joe Minson, Cadence Moore, and Josh Payne. Their immediate willingness and consistent service has kept our live stream running for 9 months!


Rev Joshua Stager