Report of the
Associate Pastor
Pastor Joshua Stager

The last year has provided fresh challenges and opportunities, but our community
ministries and production team have done great things this year:


Women’s Ministry

        Marilyn Greenleaf led Women’s Ministry again this year. Susan Buck and Crystal Penner joined the leadership team.

        Women’s Ministry led several studies in the spring and fall, thanks to the Bible

Study leaders: Heather Barton, Lori Yamase, Carolyn Bagge, Sally Jo Browne, Lynne Brown, Susan Buck, and Shirley Hollar. Thanks also to READ Bible Study author Cyndee Ownbey for visiting with our Bible Study members!

        Outreach efforts included care for foster kids in our region, providing supplies for Salem for Refugees, and collection of care items to be taken to the Susu Gospel Ministry in Sierra Leone. Thanks to Kate Minson, Nancy Pickett, Heather Barton, and Connie Nelson.

        Among the numerous events in the past year were the virtual trivia night, Passover Demonstration, a June Picnic, a July garden party, and “Gifts of Love to One Another” featuring Annie Banceu. Thanks to Lynn Olsen, Jean McCormick, Crystal Penner, Verniece Howard, Rachel Keen, Lindsay Lessley, and Karen Hartman for their help making these wonderful events happen!

       Finally, a special thank-you to Marie Champ for authoring the “Ladies in Bloom” letter during shut-downs and to Lori Yamase for her interviews of the missionary women in our church!

Small Groups

        CAC entered 2021 with nine small groups serving 74 people. We enter 2022 with six small groups serving 49 people, approximately the same number we had 2 years ago. Thanks to our House Church Leaders: Dave Gordon, Marilyn Greenleaf, Ken Baker, Lynne Brown, Kyle Mast, and Ray Keen. Please pray that God will continue to provide new and creative opportunities for believers to pursue community at CAC!


Classes & Bible Studies

        Andy Kauffman led a Bible study on Romans during the first part of the year.

Also, during the spring I led a Bible study for people somewhere around 20 years old. Common Ground classes are returning in a hybrid (in-person and Zoom) format in 2022.


Production Team

        Thanks to those who answered the call to serve on our Production team and send our service out to “live stream land.” Thanks to Andy Carlson, Josiah Keen, Kyle Mellander, Jess Minson, Joe Minson, Josh Payne, Chris Redelfs, Silas Reister, Tommy Tallan, and Colin Vian. Their immediate willingness and consistent service has kept our live stream running for 100 Sundays!


Missions Team

        In 2021, we did not send any mission trips besides the Hospital Project Exploratory Trip detailed below, but we continue to look for team leaders to send for projects in 2022. We plan to bring 2 missionary visits to CAC in 2022. We have also begun updating the Mission space in the Great Hall to provide information about Alliance Missions as well as CAC Partnerships. Thanks to Sally Jo Browne, Marie Champ, and Pam Wilson for their service on this team!


Susu Hospital Project Team

        In 2021, a team formed to pursue the idea of fundraising a hospital for the use of the Susu Gospel Ministry. This was based upon our 21 years of partnership with that ministry and the request presented by Dr. Joseph Sesay in 2019 to consider a hospital project.

        In October 2021, a team from CAC (Paul Knopp, Rick Ellis, and Joshua Stager) combined with a team from 100Fold Studios (a faith-based architecture firm specializing in projects in the developing world) to begin designing what such a project would look like. Funded by designated giving and unused mission funds, they began design work on the project.

        We have been in communication with the Elders, Admin Board, and Missions Team and will seek their approval before getting a green light to pursue fundraising the project. We will continue to update the congregation as we reach more clarity about the project! Thanks to the work of the whole church leadership for their time and effort, and especially to the Hospital Project Team: Tim Barton, Rick Ellis, Ray Keen, Paul Knopp, Jeff Reister, Pam Wilson, and Mel Yamase.


Rev Joshua Stager