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Children's Report
Rachel Keen

2022 has been a year of increasing numbers, structure and outreach. I pray thatmore kids, families and volunteers means growing relationships between people andwith God. I trust that structure allowed our volunteers and families to focus more energyconsidering what is true about God and less how to do that. I hope that the outreachopportunities continue in 2023. Here are some glimpses from 2022.


Children and families involved.  When the church reopened during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was aware of 3 families consistently participating. At 2022 year's end 16 families were engaged.


Monthly volunteers involved.  

  • Embers (age 1-4): 9

  • Sparks (age 5-9): 7

  • Worship boxes: 1

  • Prayer Partners: 7

  • Backup and substitute volunteers: 6



Monthly update email to families and volunteers included lesson info, prayer prompts and a thought for parents.


New Embers curriculum.  Volunteers read from The Toddler Bible each week and shared a coloring sheet chosen to accompany it.  Whenever possible the Bible passage was the same as the Sparks lesson.


Continuing Sparks curriculum.  Teachers began using *brite curriculum published by Awana last year.


Sparks Classroom updates.  Jeff Vian installed a TV monitor on the wall to show teaching or song videos.  Colorful kid-movable footstools were purchased. 



Theater Camp. The Canby Center staff and volunteers, 6 believers outside the Canby Alliance congregation and 4 CAC volunteers joined to connect kids in the community to Christ and each other using theater.  One week of half day camp for 4th-6th graders took place at CAC with 16 kids and a second week took place at Ackerman Center with 70 kids.


Please pray that the relationship with God increases for kids and families in and around CAC in 2023.


Rachel Keen

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