Children's Report
Rachel Keen

Children’s Ministry in 2021 was an evolving entity. Children’s moments during the service that replaced the former Children’s Church continued and accomplished the goal of valuing children and communicating truth in an age-appropriate way.  

Kids in the Bible midweek program for 3rd -5th graders took place during January through May.  Learning the bible together and developing relationships were the focus and seemed to be accomplished.

Children’s programs during the church service to allow families to learn and worship together well began with having worship boxes with activities to keep kids engaged during the service. 

As our whole church body considered how to adapt to the circumstances and adjust to the times and ways that younger generations will connect together and connect with the truth, the Children’s Wing rooms were cleared out and rearranged, continuing the work that started in 2020. 

  • The nursery was labeled the Hearth family room and arranged for families to care for their babies while still hearing the service.  This happened early in the year since classes weren’t yet available for the youngest kids.  

  • The toddler room was labeled Embers and began having kids October 2021 with two kids most Sundays.  

  • The Children’s church was labeled Sparks and began having kids in March 2021 with around six kids most Sundays, ranging up to fifteen kids.  

The summer water palooza was hosted outside in the church parking lot in the month of August.  We wanted to invite church families and families in the community as well.  About 30 people participated, both church families and visitors and all ages involved found avenues to connect with others.

People power is always needed to accomplish the many good and great ideas that could take place for children.  Through the course of the year almost 40 volunteers invested their time to set up, prepare, pray, teach, learn and play for and with the kids. Thank you Will, Marilyn and Joshua Greenleaf, Earl Swigert, Selah Keen, Kari Payne, Taylor Charbonnier, Marie

Champ, Doreen Sims, Joanna and Bill Crumley, Crystal Penner, Sylvia Wiese, Tammy

Myers, Nancy Pickett, Jean McCormick, Marge and Clyde Nordgren, Dan Lundy, Lynne Brown, Ben Lessley, Rose Frajio, Maxine Jones, Molly Minson, Nolan Borntrager, Tristan and Gretchen Gingerich, Carolyn VanKurin, Shelley Digby, Tyler Francke, Susi and Dave Gordon, Ginny Hartle, Karen Fahsholz, Karen Hartman, Lori Yamase, and Lois Thiessen and others!


Thank you for valuing kids and families and the presence they have in the body of Christ!

Rachel Keen