2020 Annual Report

A Message from Pastor Tim

The coronavirus changed how we did ministry in 2020. Throughout the year we did our best to respond to the ever-changing coronavirus restrictions imposed by our Governor. From March 15th onward we live-streamed our morning worship service. Ministries were curtailed and/or shutdown. We also shut-down use of our church facilities to all outside groups. We moved to Zoom for staff, Elder, and Administrative Board meetings as well as classes of various kinds. In November our staff started working remotely from home except for work best done at church.

2020 People's Report

Read stories of God's Work in the Lives of our people in 2020.

After seeking God’s will for our church in prayer, our Elders settled on the following vision – 

  1. Jesus – make Jesus central to our limited ministry opportunities and keep calling people back to him. 

  2. Prayer – call our church to prayer and designate times for community prayer. 

  3. House Churches – seek to launch as many new house churches as we can and revitalize our current small groups. 

  4. Social Media – utilize our website and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to communicate with as many of our people as possible as well as those outside of our church.

  5. Platform – redesign our platform space for our live-stream audiences.

Each of our church staff played an important part in helping us put our vision into practice. 


Pastor Joshua led our push to live-stream our services and attain as high a quality as possible for sound and sight. Thankfully we had cash on hand that allowed to purchase the hardware, computers, cameras, etc. we needed to make this big change. Pastor Joshua recruited and trained a skilled production team that work each Sunday behind the scenes to deliver our livestream to families and homes spread throughout our community, region, and in some cases, the United States. 


Thanks be to God and thanks to all of you who contributed to our church in 2020. Our giving throughout the year was close to budget. Our Miracle Sunday Offering goal of $50,000 was exceeded. Giving to the Great Commission Fund, which supports our Alliance International workers around the world, was strong. 


As we await re-opening our church sometime in 2021, our leadership is pondering the following questions – 

  1. When will we be able to reopen? 

  2. What will church ministry look like post-coronavirus? 

  3. After livestreaming our services for a year-plus, who will still be with us? Who will have left? Who will we have gained? Will people come back to our church building? 

There are a lot of unknowns. Before the coronavirus, church attendance in our country was in decline and of those who did attend, more people were coming less often. We can’t expect the future to look like the past. Yes, there will be some carryover, but churches must be ready to embrace a new day and be willing to change to meet a changing culture and environment.

My sincere, heart-felt thanks to our CAC leadership team (staff, Elders, Administrative Board) for pulling together this year, weathering all of the changes, and moving ahead to do ministry in never-before ways. You were awesome, I love you, and thanks for putting up with me! 



Pastor Tim Barton

Women's, Community, Production Ministries

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Sally Jo Brown

Children's Ministry

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